Illustrated window

Thank you very much to Mostly Books in Abingdon for letting me cover the window with birds to celebrate the publication of The Dawn Chorus. It was lovely to see children decorating the birds to hang in the window. Lots of people dropped in and ended up kindly helping. Thanks very much to Emma from Bloomsbury who was great. I can’t believe I have only just come across pens for drawing on windows. My kitchen will never be the same again.


Hanging birds

Hanging birds

The finished window!

The finished window!

The kids helped with window drawing practice

The kids helped with window drawing practice



  1. Suzanne these are beautiful 🙂 seems you’ve got abit of a soft spot for birds to , I love the character and personality you have brought into your drawings and for the fact there’s a window full of them to is creative inspiration for all who pass by :D. I actually didn’t know there were pens for glass myself but I did just stumble across a sharpie pen that can draw on anything ahhh the little discoveries we make will mean we have no windows left to see out of haha. Look forward to seeing more posts from you suzanne! kate x

    1. Thank you Kate! I thoroughly recommend the chalk pens for windows, although I would love a whole colour range my kids were very happy (they are teenagers by the way). Thanks for following

      1. aww cool thanks suzanne I’m abit of a pen geek myself 🙂 and im 23 lol not quite a teen but i have my eyes on the sharpie gold pens for all surfaces and pondering what cool diy projects i could make with them 🙂 though i may just give the chalk pens a try to! your super welcome its really cool finding fellow creative blogs with great ideas and its lovely to get an insight into the people behind the blog to 🙂 x kate

  2. This is absolutely adorable! I love the fluttering paper birds.

    1. Thanks, the children made some lovely birds, so sweet!

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