World Book Day

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, finishing my second book for Bloomsbury “Robin’s Winter Song” and taking part in several events for World Book Day.

Here’s my first radio interview (which I haven’t listened to because I don’t like listening to the sound of my own voice).

The Imagine Festival at the Southbank was a lot of fun, with lots of bird making.

More amazing birds with school children from Rose Hill at Sainsburys.


Steve Antony and I celebrated World Book Day at The Story Museum in Oxford, with more birds, panda’s and the Queen’s Hat. We created a story with the children about an alien called Gumball, with a brain for a head and five eyes. The children were absolutely brilliant and bursting with ideas.



Griselda Heppel has written an excellent blog post about her experience of the day.


  1. Your voice sounds good in the interview – you should listen to it! x

  2. Thanks! No I did try but had to mute it after one word….x

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