Max by Giovanetti, graduation and my first ever picture book proof.

This was a good week.  I was given a great book “Max” by Giovanetii full of wonderful drawings of Max ( a hamster) that I can’t stop looking at. If you are trying to draw the same character in hundreds of different situations you can learn a lot from this book. Giovanetti started out in the fifties as a cartooninst for Punch, which is where most of the illustrators I really like seemed to have worked. My friend Vic made me a lovely bookmark to go with it. She is a very talented illustrator whose work “The Sea Tiger” is in the AOI exhibition at Somerset House: Also, we had our graduation from the MA in Children’s Book Illustration in Cambridge – anyone interested in becoming a children’s book illustrator should take a look at this amazing course. Finally, my first ever picture book proof arrived, which was nearly as exciting as the day I had the offer.

max               bookmark


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  1. Yay! Congratulations x

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